Btw… I remember having chicken pox…

When you’re a child, you pretty much believe everything that your parents tell you. I was nine years old when my mom uprooted my brother and I. My other brothers are all from previous relationships my dad had. We went straight from the slums to the proper. When my dad went to prison my mom flew with the opportunity to leave.

I was 9, ha, wow… my daughter is 9. I was across the street playing with the lice girls when the police knocked in my front door. I didn’t see it happen, I just remember a LOT of police cars surrounding my house, and me not being aloud to go home. After that…. blank. I have no idea what we did, where we went, how we got there, if my dad was out on bail, how long it was after that, that my mom moved us to a new town, nothing.

BACKSTORY: My dad told me a lie for nearly a decade, and I believed it. It is a seriously ridiculous lie. My dad robbed a bank. He lead me to believe that he gave a friend a ride to the bank. Next thing he knows he is running out of the bank with money flowing out of his clothing all over the street. He jumps in the car, and my dad didn’t know what else to do, but to drive away… Yes I believed that. Even after I didn’t believe it, I pretended to.

I moved from a predominately black neighborhood, to an all white one. There was one other black family where we moved. They had lived there their whole lives… I on the other hand was a new black girl with a white mom, and a dad in prison. Literally, everyone I met was afraid of me. I cant help but laugh at that.

It seriously never dawned on me how racist that is. Maybe I am missing the point.

until next time…


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